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5 Ways to make your life more fun and efficient

Throughout 2020, as I have been trying to improve myself, I have learned many new life lessons as well. For today, I want to share them with all of you so you all can also improve your lifestyle and habits along with me! So let's get started!

Daily Highlights

Daily Highlight. Every day, try to keep one thing that will be your main goal or "daily highlight" for the day! So no matter what happens throughout the day, you will work towards that goal and finish it. Make sure to try to keep it different for every day, so that you will always be thinking of something new to work on and accomplish.

Very obviously you need to get more than 1 thing done in a day but this will be the thing that you're going to do no matter what!

Being Grateful

The quote - "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is". This isn't just a quote! It will improve your lifestyle and you will become more grateful after saying this quote a few times. Intrigued? Let's get into it. So, whenever you are happy, try to remember to exclaim or murmur the sentence, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is". Just that tiny sentence will encourage you to be happier and become more grateful for all the things that you have!

Window openers vs Door knockers

In life, there are 2 types of people, Window Openers and Door Knockers. So, Window Openers need to look through a "window". When they see their expected outcome on the other side, they open the door and walk through it. While Door knockers are people that knock on multiple doors and open them all and go to the other side no matter what will happen next.

It isn't always obvious

What might be obvious to you might seem amazing to others. This quote just shows that most of us when we learn something and have a part of us, that's "interesting", we don't think it to be so. Why is this so? I honestly don't have a solid answer but it's maybe because if you learned how to do an interesting thing like programming, you know the actual way you learned it— it was likely a bunch of youtube videos and sitting in front of the computer all day. Not very interesting to you.

This holds us back a lot, you may refrain from throwing in your opinion or experience or not write the book you've wanted to or start that Youtube channel because 'you're not interesting'

High Leverage Housekeeping

This one is my favorite! High Leverage Housekeeping (HLH). Every week, keep a few hours of a certain day for HLH. HLH is the time where you will sit down and reflect on what can be done to improve your lifestyle. Then you should work towards fixing that! This could be anything, mentally and physically.


So, make sure you have a daily highlight, keep the quote, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is" in mind, be a Door Knocker and not a Window Opener, make sure to put out your ideas, and do HLH. I promise you that if you follow these simple things, your life will become more efficient, more productive and more fun!

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