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Spend Less Time Learning

Making self-learning easier, quicker and more interactive, so you can learn and apply new skills everyday with the help of pre-curated and filtered content!

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No credit card needed

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Learn skills 40-60% faster.

Through observations and talking to our users, we’ve found that people spend 40-60% of their learning time on finding good content or watching ones that don’t have decent value.

When we curate videos and blogs we filter this out saving you half the time you spend, on average.

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Learn by practicing

Our assignments aren’t designed to grade you, or qualify you for a certificate. They are designed, solely for the purpose of forcing you to apply what you will have learned.

We believe that getting a hands-on experience is the key to learning.

We do hand-correct what you turn in, but not to grade. To give feedback on what you could’ve done better, based on the content provided.

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Learn with
more ease

Self-learning is hard. There are distractions. No accountability. Laziness, and more. We’ve done our best to make Pinglr simple, pleasing and distraction free, as you may notice yourself.

Our clean UI allows you to focus on what you came here to do, learn.

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Image by Ali Abdaal on Youtube, unaffliated with Pinglr.


I’ve taken 4 of Pinglr’s Journeys and I love them! It’s so simple and easy to intergrate in my day-to-day. I especially got the most value out of the personal finance journey.

Arnav Khair

Early Pinglr user

Spend Less Time Learning

Pinglr reduces time to self-learn by 40-60%

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